Alien vs Predators, PAYBACK TIME

Q: What is "Payback Time" mod?

A: "Payback Time" mod is a tactical-based mod for AVP2 game that brings a lot of new features on the table. New weapons, redesigned old weapons, new combat mechanics, new sounds, new skins, and overall new gameplay experience.

Q: Are there class-based features like it was in AJL mod?

A: Yes, but with more depth. Each class in "Payback Time" mod has its unique weaponry and class ability. Basically, no duplicates.

Q: Can you use a sentry-turret in this mod?

A: Yes, you can deploy a sentry-turret as an Engineer class.

Q: I can't see a motion tracker. Is there any?

A: Yes. Motion tracker can be used only by Leader class. Press and hold "C" by default to turn it ON, and hold it again to turn it OFF. Remember: you can't use your weapon while holding motion tracker. Still, you can just press "C" by default one time to turn motion tracker ON, but without layout. It will only beep when hostiles are within its radius.

Q: I can't catch alien with netgun.. What am i doing wrong?

A: You need to bring down alien's HP lower than 60%. Don't rely on netgun too much. It's designed to be used when you have a decent firepower from your teammates.

Q: Why underbarrel grenades are not exploding upon hitting the surface?

A: You're probably shooting them in pointblank range. Don't do it. They will only detonate when flied enough distance, so don't count on them as on a close combat weapon. Same thing goes for rockets.

Q: Where is nightvision? I can see only googles layout.

A: You have to press "B" by default to activate nightvision. Also you can zoom in one time with your googles.

Q: I keep dying after battle with aliens. Just losing my health. What is it?

A: You're probably got an open wound. Some alien's attacks are capable or leaving open wounds on victims. You can use medkit to heal from it. Keep in mind that you'll get 30 secs cooldown for using medkit and will not be able to use another one until cooldown runs out.

Q: I can't see anything as an Alien when i get caught on fire. What should i do?

A: Yes, you can't see in your regular vision when you're on fire. Use alternative alien's vision to see through fire.

Q: I can't shoot down a Guardian Alien. He's too tought. What should i do?

A: Pick up a class that is more capable of taking down heavy armored aliens, such as Assault, Sniper, Synthetic or pick up Support class and switch to slugs with his shotgun.

Q: Headbite is too slow to heal. Can i do it another way?

A: Use Worker's healing goo to heal faster.

Q: Can i wallwalk as a Guardian class?

A: Yes, but slower than other classes.

Q: Overall gameplay for aliens seems quite hard against humans. What should i do to fix the situation?

A: Aliens in a current stage of mod are more like "ambush predators". Don't get yourself exposed, as some of human's weapons are capable of slowing you down when you are shooted from it. Try to get humans in cocoons to get scores to win.

Q: Ok, How do i get humans in cocoons?

A: There are different ways to get humans in cocoons. Drone classes can knowdown human with special attack (Mouse 2) and human bodie will be marked as "Ready for cocooning". You much pickup this body ASAP as a Worker or a Warrior class. Also Facehugger class and facehuger AI from Warrior's egg can bring down any human class and make it suitable for cocooning. Damaged bodies and incinerated bodies cannot be picked up anymore.

Q: Can i facehug synthetics?

A: Yes.

Q: Can i pick up synthetics to make a cocoon?

A: No.

Q: Ok, i've got the human's body. What's next?

A: Find a safe spot and make a cocoon from it. But be quick about it, otherwise body will lose its quality. Use a straight wall to place a cocoon on it. Stand next to the wall and hold Mouse1 + E by default and wait untill process bar will be filled. The cocooned body will appear on the wall. You will get extra points from it each period of time, so don't let humans destroy it, as it will prevent you from getting extra points.

Q: How to find cocooned humans while playing on humans side?

A: Use a motion tracker to find a place where cocoon is placed. It will be highlighted with orange color, just like your teammates.

Q: Can i lose an arm or a tail as an Alien?

A: Yes. Humans are able to shoot off your limbs rendering some of your class attacks useless. You can still wallwalk with one arm, but can't without both. Still, humans can't shoot off your legs.

Q: Can i restore my lost limbs without dying?

A: No.

Q: Are there predator classes available?

A: Not yet. They will be presented in later releases.